NEWSLETTER SENDING Updates with a personal touch

Make your clients feel special: inform them about all your new services and products by sending newsletters to them.
We will compose impressive text to send to them through our dedicated email server.

Newsletter Sending Service

We make your task of sending newsletter very simple for you. You just have to send us an html file or an osd file of the content and we will send out the newsletter through our dedicated email server to all your subscribers. Our email service is complaint with all International Non Spam Standards and all unsubscribe requests are sent to clients server.

Work Flow

Once clients send us the html or psd files along with the links; we send the client a test version to test it on browsers and mail clients. Once approved the emails are sent out to all subscribers.


We Work on a very competitive pricing structure with a flat yearly cost to the client that includes unlimited no of emails. We can work on per email costing as well. Please email us to get a custom quote now.

Get a Quote

Please Contact Us to get a Quote for our Newsletter Service or Call us on this US no 310-295-1669 Country Code is +1