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Revitalize your Google rankings with top 5 SEO tips

A website means nothing if it is lacking behind in the terms of search engine optimization technique. Web search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo demands attracted keywords that can grab attention of viewers. Today many small and large businesses opt for SEO. The main idea behind this technique is to optimize their website to make them one of the first results search engine shows when viewers enter specific phrase or word. Have a look on these top 5 SEO tips that can help you boost your Google rankings.

Choose a good keyword:
Pen down your business product and services and then focus to find a phrase or a keyword that conclude all in one. Don’t make your keyword too lengthy or complex that is difficult to understand. Think from the viewer’s perspective and let them make an easy and instant search to your site. You can refine your search with help of Google keyword planner which is a free tool and can provide you an estimate about how to create an effective keyword.

Improve your page title:
Create a title of your page in such a way that viewers can’t resist to click on it.  Write it in an impressive, elegant and professional way. Use H1 Tag and style your tile with CSS. Catchy heading or title will always be displayed at the top of browser.

Alter your content regularly:
It is really important to keep your content fresh and up-to-date. Always remember, Google all the time appreciates unique content. Don’t try to copy stuff or content from other website.  This can create duplicacy that in turn will lead to no profit gain and less web traffic.

Add a keyword to your URL:
Try to highlight your keyword at the end of your site’s URL for example after .com, .net or .org. This gives an easy and time saving search to readers and they get quick idea what company is dealing with. Keep your URL short; don’t make too much use of hyphens, figures or characters. URLs are the first things that Google uses to govern the rankings of the page.

Use internal and external links:
To make your content and site more visible you need to add internal links to your other pages of website. The reason why external links are different from internal one is that these links are from other websites than your own. Try to grab links of other websites to your articles or blogs. This is simply understood that more the number of links directed to your website more will your website rank in the search engine.

Noting all the above tips you can amplify your Google rankings. If you still incur any issue, contact with Rockims. We are expert in providing unique SEO and marketing services. Our team of IT professionals will assist you in making your brand awareness through different marketing techniques. Our rates are competitive and genuine that fits anyone’s budget. Call or email us in case of any queries. We will be happy to serve you.