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Social media is a buzz word since last few years, with all businesses rushing to create their Social Media presence, Websites like Facebook and Twitter have started their own parallel web world with pages replacing conventional websites, having a Facebook and Twitter page is considered mandatory to establish a complete online presence. We help our clients to use the Social Media platform to reach out to as many users as possible. One has to be very careful in identifying quality target traffic from the non meaningful traffic.

Social Media Networking

  • Facebook: 133,623,529
  • MySpace: 50,615,444
  • Twitter: 23,573,178
  • LinkedIn: 15,475,890

This is the number of visitors that on monthly basis visit social networking sites. So reach to masses through our services:

  • Create your facebook and twitter pages
  • Increase your fan following
  • Get your material distributed on the you tube
  • Internet presence on other sites like my space, stumble upon, reddit,
  • Press release composition
  • Article writing and submission

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A Facebook page can house as much if not more information than your website along with pictures and videos of the products. It has certain advantages as it can be used to update users on a daily basis with new updates, product launches and discounts. It is easier and much faster to update. A Facebook page can also be used to announce sweepstakes contests and daily prizes for users. It cannot replace a conventional website but helps in brand building and online presence of a brand.

  • We make the facebook page for your website and brand.
  • Add the best pictures of products / services from your website to the page.
  • Add description and more text about the Company, History and Services to the page.
  • All contact info including Facebook link of company owners and team.
  • We update the page on an ongoing manner every day with new announcements and discounts and new products from the website.
  • Promote the page in Facebook and other Facebook groups that consist of your target market.

Twitter Page Creation

  • Suggestions
  • Online discussions
  • Fan following
  • News updates

These are the attributes of social networking sites- a huge platform to get known to your clients. We at rockims can create twitter pages for you and can increase your fan following. We will update your page with the latest events, news, launches and discounts. In this era of competition, it is important to approach your audience in a right and effective manner.

Youtube Page and Video Content Distribution

You tube is a powerful tool to distribute video presentation, commercials and viral videos. A platform with diverse reach. We at rockims will help you to distribute your video content on you tube and we also help businesses in video creation by sending film directors to your location through our partner site that has the biggest global database of film makers on the internet today. Click here to read more about our Viral Video Distribution and Digital Media Brand Protection Services.

According to the stats:

  • You tube exceed 2 billion users a day.
  • 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • Average person spends 15 minute a day on you tube.
  • More videos is uploaded to you tube in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years,
  • 70% of you tube traffic comes outside the US.

Other Social Media Campaigns

Let’s see what social media campaigns can do for you:

  • They will help in increasing website traffic and in accessing your consumer behavior.
  • Growing awareness about your brand name
  • Business development and broader costumer reach.
  • Building a positive reputation among your costumers

Blogs, Article Submissions, Directory Submissions and Press Release Distribution

The best way to know what people expects out of you…. Blogging is a buzz word these days. For some it is just like their personal diaries and for others it is an interactive platform to give and take suggestions. Blogging today is used as a tool to popularize business among the clients. Discussions, articles and news updates are the key words when we talk about blogging.

We know with so much to handle there is hardly any time left to please people in this way. Rock IMS will do this for you. We will create good content for your blog and will keep it update.

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