Blogging + SEO-perfect blend to enhance productivity.

In today’s world of techno-savvy era from every individual to a big business corporate running their business online are getting into rat race to showcase them best among their competitors. To accomplish this, they indulge themselves into every mode of marketing tool including presenting their company via building website, advertising on social media sites, creating articles, blogs, newsletters on weekly or monthly basis and lot more. However, implementing blogs with effective SEO Techniques has proven to be one of best method to gain traffic from audience and burgeon the overall profitability. If you want to gain insight into the same and educate yourself with powerful SEO techniques to highlight your blogs, here are few power-booster tips:

  • Make a prudent selection of blogging platform

Well, there are plethora of blogging platforms available including, Joomla, Tumblr, Medium, weebly, blogger,, Squarespace, Wix etc. However, choosing the right one for yourself is quite tricky. Therefore, before diving into the list, it is crucial to understand kind of blog you want to create or would be needed in long run. Thus, it would make a good sense if blogging platform with flexible feature is chosen.

  • Social media promotions

Your blog posts can wide spread their wings and can improve ranking and sales if shared on social media websites. To gain high popularity among the crowd, it is quite important to post your blogs on popular social media websites like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Add relevant images and videos

A simple blog text makes the entire blog boring. A reader when visualizing a simple texted blog can make an unprofessional perception about the blog. However, adding optimized videos and images relating to the content with descriptive alt tags can make the blog look interesting and in turn it will automatically boost the SEO value.

  • Using internal links

Making use of links within the blog is a paramount step to nail down readers employing extra time. Also, this helps them fetch more data in a particular place about a specific subject of interest. Hence, there is more probability of them reopening your blog, once they comprehend the blog has a enough to proffer related to their area of interest.

  • Add headings

Text within HTML Tags is always treated with higher priority in search engine. Therefore, adding headings and subheadings is crucial for better visibility of the text. Also it help users in skimming throughout the content.

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